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Grave Markers

Bronze Grave Markers • Flat Headstones

Bronze Memorial Designs

Browse through our custom grave marker designs and choose the type to best fit you.


Combine classic looks with modern resilience when you select a Classique memorial. Begin with a background of Old World Brown with pebble texture, oxide finished borders and intricate corner accents. Choose emblems, words of endearment, a vase or even include a photo in a portrait medallion to create a lasting tribute.


Our Collage memorial is the most unique and personal memorial available. Your family can submit one special photograph or provide us with a series of pictures, and our designers will work with you to create a tribute as unique as the life it celebrates. The Collage memorial is complemented by your choice of serene backgrounds available in traditional oxide or Brilliant Impressions® color.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation Memorials feature classic bronze designs, including oxide finished lettering on an Old World Brown background with leather texture. It all combines to create a lasting tribute. You can also personalize the Cremation Memorial with an emblem and up to 5 words of endearment. Whether you choose a single or companion design, a bronze vase will add the perfect complement to your memorial.


With 30 inspirational works of art to choose from, our Gallery memorials can help paint an enduring picture of the memories you hold dear. Works of art by nationally known artists Danny Hahlbohm, Rick Kelley and Thomas Kinkade make beautiful backdrops for your loved one’s memorial.


Remembrance Medallions are a unique addition to existing niche fronts, mausoleums and memorials. A stronger alternative than ceramic cameos, our bronze medallions feature exquisite detail in traditional oxide or the vibrant color of Brilliant Impressions®. Whether you are celebrating a special date or want to add value and beauty to your loved one’s memorial with our cutting-edge technology, our medallions are an affordable addition.


Paragon provides ultimate value without compromising our unsurpassed quality standards. These memorials are simple yet distinctive, elegant yet affordable. Begin with a classic design with a contemporary border style. Then choose emblems, words of endearment, a vase or even include a photo in a portrait medallion to create a lasting tribute.


The Portrait Series was designed to allow your family to preserve a favorite photograph of your loved one in bronze. Simply designed with classic elements, the Portrait memorial is complemented by your choice of textured backgrounds and background colors. The portrait (photo) itself is available in traditional oxide or Brilliant Impressions® color.


We are proud to offer our versatile yet value-conscious Provident memorial. This memorial showcases classic oxide emblems from our extensive library on a sleek profile giving it a contemporary look.

Veteran Companion

We are proud to offer veteran companion memorials in cast bronze. Our cast memorials give your family the same quality you can count on from Trigard, but with the look and feel of traditional government-issued veteran memorials.

Pet Memorials

In life, they were faithful, unfailing companions. Our furred and feathered friends play a special role in our lives. They are members of our families in ways we can’t fully explain, and when they pass from this life, they are dearly remembered and deeply missed. Our pet memorial solutions allow you one last opportunity to give them the same love they gave you in life.

Temporary Markers

Mark your loved one’s grave with an affordable temporary marker while you wait for your finished marker to arrive. These products are printed on magnetic material and only designed as a temporary solution to mark a gravesite.

Watch this 60 second video to see how our bronze markers are made.

A Premium Quality Product for the Family Members You Love

Our bronze cemetery markers are the perfect solution to memorialize your loved one. Ready for placement in any cemetery required. Get full-color portrait medallions, emblems and accents on a granite base. Your finished product will be unique, memorable and last as an everlasting tribute. With customer service that is second-to-none, we make creating and ordering your bronze memorial as easy as possible! Don’t wait, contact us or your local funeral home for a Trigard bronze marker today.


Most frequent questions and answers

The cost of a grave marker can range depending on how customized it is and what features you require in a memorial. Not sure what you need? Find a dealer near you to get an estimation.

Yes! Upload your own custom photos and select from 1400+ emblem options to add your loved one’s personality to their memorial. Change borders, accents, backgrounds, add your own text and more! Use our EZ Online design tool to create the memorial of a lifetime.

For a single grave marker, the most common size used in cemeteries in the United States is 24″ x 12″. For companion markers, the average size is 13″ x 12″ x 4″, taking up the space of two graves. Select a design then select a size to get started!

Originally, a headstone was the stone slab laid at grave site, however these terms have become synonymous over time to simply mark the head of a grave. In general, headstones (and tombstones) are considered to be propped upright while a grave marker is more of a flat-faced memorial, or flat headstone.

Our grave markers are crafted from bronze and custom engraved using our innovative techniques for shaping, coloring and finishing. Our process makes our products the finest crafted, most beautiful and longest lasting memorials on the market.

Follow our helpful guide on how to clean a bronze grave marker for the process, tips, what to do and what NOT to do.

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