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Custom Grave Memorial Markers by Trigard®

Every life is different.
So are our memorials.

Whether you want a long lasting memorial full of intricacy and color or a simple piece combining classic looks with modern resilience, Trigard Memorials will meet and exceed your expectations.

If you’re interested in a plaque or sign, please visit our website at www.halloffameplaques.com.

The highest standard in grave memorials is a Trigard® memorial

Our goal is to provide the finest crafted, most beautiful and longest lasting memorial products available on the market. First opened in 2003, we developed innovative techniques for shaping, coloring and finishing bronze to produce grave memorials, plaques and signs.

Since then, our drive to innovate has accelerated. We offer comprehensive marketing systems and sales tools that make it easy for families and cemeteries to find the product that’s right for them.

EZ Online Designer

At Trigard Memorials, we are always on the cutting edge of innovation and look for ways to improve services for our customers. We are proud to release our EZ Online Designer tool giving funeral professionals an easy way to design and order a Trigard Memorial for their customers.


"It's no secret our
product is different"

- machine precision combined with a personal touch -