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Temporary Grave Markers

Of course temporary grave markers are used to mark a loved one’s grave. But with Memorial Security, it also helps you secure the memorial sale. Imagine the impact that full-color, personalized temporary grave markers can have on a family when it awaits them in the cemetery, even before they have placed their memorial order.

Our intuitive online system makes it easy to order magnetic temporary grave memorials personalized with a name, dates and even a photo. And our fast production time assures that you can have it in place at the time of interment.

Temporary Grave Markers With Picture
Temporary Grave Marker Magnet


Size: 24″ x 14″

Garden Stake

Size: 12″ x 7″

Temporary Grave Marker FAQs

A Temporary Grave Marker is exactly what the name suggests. A temporary solution to mark an individual’s grave until their loved one’s choose a permanent bronze memorial.

This product is designed to last no longer than 8 weeks out in the elements.
Trigard’s temporary memorials are made of a printable magnetic material and inked utilizing today’s most up to date inking technologies.
A temporary grave marker is used in those instances where an individual passes and a permanent bronze grave memorial had yet been purchased prior to death. The temporary grave marker is a fast yet temporary solution to allow visitors visiting a loved ones grave site know that they are at the proper grave site.

A Trigard Memorial Temporary Grave Marker can only be purchased through approved Trigard Memorial customers such as cemeteries, monument shops, and funeral homes.

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